I spent a looonely NYE, eating instant noodle by myself and RPing............ LMAO.

It's been a long while since I pchatted with Flamemoon (or with anyone, for that matter).
... It seems Pchat can only be done at ungodly hours.

...We started after new year began, and stayed up till 5.30am drawing this. LMAO.

In any case, I am in love with P&S. The OST is one of the best anime OST I've heard in a while too.
/Looping D City Rock.
yaranaika, miku

Vocaloid Visual Fanbook

Title: Vocaloid Visual Fanbook ♪
About: A FULLY COLORED collection of Vocaloid fanarts based on different Vocaloid PVs. Over 20 PVs will be illustrated! Includes Special Guest Artists 4kg and Ry-Spirit
Artists: Nabari, Momokolo, Straw, Itakoaya, 4kg, Ry-Spirit
Specs: B5 / Gloss Cover/ 28-32 pp
Release Date: 7th Aug 2010, SMASH Convention @ Sydney
Price: US$17 (AU$20)

I'm currently working on getting the postcards and shipping organised.
We may possibly be giving out a little more than just a bonus postcard ;D
I'll let everyone know ASAP!

We will be taking normal orders soon.
Those picking up the book at the con, see you at SMASH! ;D

UPDATE 26/7:

Thanks for the interests in the fanbook!!
Excited to announce the first lot of stock have been printed >W<!!
(excuse camera quality, couldn't capture the glossy colors XP)

Payment: Paypal only.

Shipping will start as soon as the book is printed!!
Shipping will be calculated after weighting the book, so you won't be overcharged =D Please leave me your email / LJ contacts so I can let you know as soon as we have the book ready and packed.

~ Australian-siders~
If you are in Sydney (or planning to come for the event ^_^), we will be selling the book at SMASH 7/8/2010 =D
Come by our table (look out for the Vocaloid poster on the wall!) to pick up your copy!!
Pre-order now to not miss out, since price is likely to change if you buy it on the day.

Note: AU$20 is a special Pre-order price!! You MUST preorder for this deal (even if you are coming to SMASH on the day), and in order to get your free postcard.

Only a limited amount of books will be printed >w<
Any questions, please comment / PM / email me ♥


Clouds in the shape of fluffy marshmallows filled the sunset sky today, as I looked up whilst walking home.

My beloved, fragile fandom shattered...

now go die to be reunited with your beloved in death

(I really need a 'despair' mood theme lol)


Quick sketch. Trying to grasp sense of characterisation (kinda failed). =p

Vongola Primo Mist, fugitive stationed in the military.
The man known as 'Dio'- God, an informant who make dealings only when it interested him.

.../ignores new canon chapters and the coming anime

A Post~

Suzaku: Flamemoon
Lelouch: me

Had to crop it for the post since it's too wide... lol.

1) the insane idea to draw this in PCHAT = pain
2) ...3rd time drawing this outfit = pain
3) Have not pchat for months / tablet pressure didn't work & I was too scared to log out/ back in in case pchat won't load for me....  = PAIN


It seems my life will never be free of Geass. LOL.

Life update

- A permanent position came up at the place I'm working. Interview freaked' over and done.
- Cosplay plans done for the year... I think? May make a post later XD
- Have produced no work since SMASH....... Am hoping to work on this during summer when cosplay slows down??? XD Though my computer don't like working in the heat either orz
- It's hot. It's suppose to be raining over Christmas. It's not.


Collapse )

Because this deserves an entry


YOU DO BEECROFT (and SYD, lol) SO PROUD /tears of joy.
There better of a HD video of your skit available for download man! So excited for you >3< v v v

On other news- look! I'm not dead. 8D
Am going to update soon when I'm not so lazy, I promise xD
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I just confirmed it today with the tickets, but I've actually decided on this a week ago, so, I guess I can't delay in announcing this anymore. orz.

I won't be attending Animania this year. Sorry guys =[

Busy is not good enough an excuse, but that's probably my main reason (there may be a few more, but yeh xD).

To ES21 group I want to particuarly apologise. I have been indecisive because I said yes to joining the group, but have then decided to not attend at all. I feel really bad and that's one of the reasons I haven't had the guts to tell everyone >_<; (though that makes it worse orz). I  AM STILL UP FOR A PHOTOSHOOT  THOUGH D=. If you guys still want me in it, later.... Afterall, I still have a whole bag of stuffing that I wouldn't know what to do with otherwise. lol.


Quick life update:

Emo rants about work shall be reserved for twitter, so I won't say much here lol.

The only other thing that's taking up my life (or rather, keeping up my life energy lol) is


Mukuro-kun, you directed your first line, after 1year7months of disappearance, at Byakuran.
I really can't complain, can I? <3


Honey and apple pie... mmmm...

SUP~ I have disappeared from LJ for a while~ busy with SMASH and other minor details of RL >"<

Updates on life (?):
- First of all a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to rinne_chan >w< Hope that cake tasted as good as you had described it to be fufufu <3
- Said awesome Rinne lend me her China costume for ravient 's APH picnic *333*~~~ So thanks to you both for a fun world conference day <3 <3 <3 And lawl, the photos are still on my camera. Do need 1TB HDD....
- Met up with Northern liners on Sunday~ Much icecream eating (no one noted it's winter..?) and lovely cakes eating xDDDD <3
- Now that other things are out of the way, am currently stressing out on getting some drawing done so our table won't be empty at SMASH...
- /....Dreading work next week T_T.


...and now for a bite of advertising XDDDDD
I already mentioned this before, but, Flammemoon and I will be sharing an artist table at the convention SMASH this year, under the circle name Nocturne. This is our site, for your interest @w@ ...I feel kinda embarass, considering so many of you are pros in this field, orz, so please don't mind my lack of web designing skills... OTLlll ....Am also hoping to eventually get a better host without annoying text at the bottom of pages and faster loading time.... ^^""

If anyone is up for affliate, please let me know too! >"<
I know a few of you have sites, but, yeh, I don't know if you want to be associated with n00bs like me. yeh. xD


....So I cosplayed as TYL!18 to Supanova Sunday @w@~~ <3

Shoutouts 8D:
- CONGRATZ moonblader on winning the prelim round of the Madman national cosplay comp 8DDDDDD CAN NOT WAIT TO SEE YOUR HAWTNESS ON TV INTERVIEW XDDDDDD
- CONGRATZ to the Gundam00 and Avatar people for winning best group/ skit respectively >W<
- THANK YOU strawbarry_gurl for Hibird and the tonfas >/////<
kaiya02 for your Xanxus wig and BEING MY DINOOOOOOOOOOOOOO <3 <3 <3

AND projectluke and sunset_swish and rayfy for letting me drag you into taking photos for us 8DDDDD

So like, in case you haven't heard, D18 was my OTP before a certain God&PrettyWoman(?) took over my sanity.

... so I cut the post down XP Re-post the rest later, if it works. maybe.