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Honey and apple pie... mmmm...

SUP~ I have disappeared from LJ for a while~ busy with SMASH and other minor details of RL >"<

Updates on life (?):
- First of all a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to rinne_chan >w< Hope that cake tasted as good as you had described it to be fufufu <3
- Said awesome Rinne lend me her China costume for ravient 's APH picnic *333*~~~ So thanks to you both for a fun world conference day <3 <3 <3 And lawl, the photos are still on my camera. Do need 1TB HDD....
- Met up with Northern liners on Sunday~ Much icecream eating (no one noted it's winter..?) and lovely cakes eating xDDDD <3
- Now that other things are out of the way, am currently stressing out on getting some drawing done so our table won't be empty at SMASH...
- /....Dreading work next week T_T.


...and now for a bite of advertising XDDDDD
I already mentioned this before, but, Flammemoon and I will be sharing an artist table at the convention SMASH this year, under the circle name Nocturne. This is our site, for your interest @w@ ...I feel kinda embarass, considering so many of you are pros in this field, orz, so please don't mind my lack of web designing skills... OTLlll ....Am also hoping to eventually get a better host without annoying text at the bottom of pages and faster loading time.... ^^""

If anyone is up for affliate, please let me know too! >"<
I know a few of you have sites, but, yeh, I don't know if you want to be associated with n00bs like me. yeh. xD
Tags: nocturne, real life, smash
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